Marine Diesel Engine

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Diesel engines are the heart of a marine vessel, constantly pumping to keep them afloat. These were invented by Rudolf Diesel, and have since been used in a number of vehicles, both on-land and at sea.
Diesel engines vary in terms of size, speed and other factors, the combination of which makes them suitable for particular types of vehicles.
In contrast to other engines, marine diesel engines have to slog harder to keep boats and ships running.
Shipping industry is one of the most important industries, using a variety of diesel engines for smaller to larger vessels.
Let’s take a look at a few basics to get started.

Classification of diesel engines
Sometimes, these engines are called compression ignition engines because of their engineering. These engines can be classified based on several different parameters. These mainly include speed, operation type, usage and cylinder arrangements.
Here are a few examples:
1. Speed– low speed, medium speed, high speed
2. Operation– locomotive engines, automotive engines, marine engines
3. Usage– single acting, double acting, 2-stroke, 4-stroke
4. Cylinder arrangement– horizontal, vertical, radial
A combination of these parameters is optimized to meet the needs of various applications.

Use of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines
Both these types are used in marine industry.
While the 2-stroke engines are mechanically simpler than 4-stroke engines, these are more complex in terms of thermodynamics.
There are usually four cycles of internal combustion, namely intake, compression, ignition and exhaust. All these cycles occur in a single revolution of 360 mechanical degrees in 2-stroke engines.
In contrast, 4-stroke engines have a revolution of 720 mechanical degrees.
Slow speed 2-stroke engines are often used for main propulsion and for turning the propellers. However, high speed 4-stroke engines are used to provide auxiliary power.
A number of different designs and sizes are available for the two engines, depending on the requirements of particular vessels.

Important components of diesel engines
A marine diesel engine is made up of several different components. This includes crankshaft, pistons, liner, bed plate and head. These components must meet specifications required by a particular marine vessel. Furthermore, these should be strong and resilient enough to last for a longer time.
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