Important checks to perform when starting marine fuel oil purifier

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Marine vessels require a number of machinery and equipment to function properly. Their engine room machinery must start and stop following a step by step procedure. This ensures smooth operation and prevents potential damage.
The exact number of steps will be determined by aspects such as manufacturer and the type of equipment employed. When it comes to fuel oil purifier, there are several common steps and checks that must be performed for almost every type and equipment model.
A few important things that must necessarily be inspected onboard while starting the purifier include:
Checking the oil level in gear case
Check the oil level before you start the purifier. If it’s not up to the level required for the process, lubrication provided will be insufficient. This can damage the gears as well as other rotating parts of the gear case such as shaft and bearings.
Making sure brake is in release position
The purifier brake is given provided at the bottom near the gear. It must be in a released position; otherwise, the purifier will not reach the set speed. Motor current will increase, causing the wear down of brakes.
Opening inlet, outlet and tank valves
Make sure both inlet and outlet valves are open. If the discharge valve is shut, it will cause the purifier to overflow. This can result in oil slipping down to the sludge side. On the other hand, if the suction valve is shut, the purifier will not receive the necessary oil supply.
Check the valves of the service/ settling tank where the discharge has to be sent from the purifier. If the tank valve is shut, the back pressure will increase in the line, causing the purifier to overflow.
Inspecting level of water
If a separate operating tank is used, check the water level inside. If sufficient water is not present, it will not allow the purifier bowl to lift. This will result in sludge ports remaining in an open position.
Checking feed pump
Make sure the feed pump is properly running, and oil temperature and pressure are optimum.
Gear pumps are available with some purifiers, attached for supplying fuel to the equipment. If this is the case, ensure that a suitable oil temperature is maintained for the attached gear pump.
Lower temperature increases oil viscosity which can break the key that connects the gear pump with the shaft. If this happens, it will stop the oil supply.
Making sure the heater valve is open
Fuel oil valves on the steam heater must be open before the steam line valve present near the heater is opened. Otherwise, the tubes will get damaged and lead to ingression of water in oil.
Increasing the temperature
Temperature of the fuel oil should be increased to the limit provided in the control panel. In automated purifiers, this control panel is available with a pre-set minimum temperature. The equipment will not start unless the fuel oil reaches the required temperature.
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