Starting And Reversing Problem In Diesel Engines

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Starting And Reversing Problem In Diesel Engines

If your marine diesel engine doesn’t start in the right direction or is causing problems while reversing, there could be a number of reasons. This malfunction is one of the most difficult ones to avoid. However, if you conduct regular scheduled maintenance checks on the air start compressor, these problems can be avoided altogether.
For starters, you should know that a ship’s engine starts using compressed air. It is a tried and tested approach and works well; but at the same time, things can go wrong unexpectedly.

If There Are Problems During Starting There are a number of different interlocks in place that prevent the engine from starting until certain criteria are met. If the engine fails to start on compressed air, stop immediately and conduct the following checks:
• Confirm that the turning gear is not engaged
• Confirm that the pressure is at 30 bar and air start supply valves are open
• Check that the telegraph solenoid valves are actuated as this is what will supply air to the air manifold, air start valve and air distributer
These checks can be conducted quickly and if everything seems to be okay here, the problem could be in the control head. The air valve may be stuck in the shut position. Once it is confirmed that you are facing the latter, you may need to tow the ship for the checks to be conducted.

The Engine Starts Up In The Reverse Position
When the engine starts up fine, but in the reverse direction, conduct the following checks:
• Check the oil and air supply to and from them reversing valve. A clog here could end up reversing the motor and starting up the engine in the astern position instead of the ahead position.

• Check that the air start control switches to the reverse position. This is an easy visual check and can be confirmed when the telegraph rings from forward position to stop; then to astern. If this fails to happen, the solenoid valve may be jammed.
The most common culprits in this case are the fuel pumps. This is because the latter control the ahead/reverse changeover. The most important thing you should do to avoid all of these problems altogether is to conduct maintenance checks. Make sure that you regularly inspect compressors and start valves upon first signs of problems.
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